William “Bill” McMillan

William “Bill” McMillan, M.B.A. is the president and founder of WJM Operations & Strategy Inc. With almost thirty years of management and technical experience, Bill’s wide expertise can help small businesses capitalize on opportunities to improve their operations. 

WJM Operations and Strategy was established in 2018 when Bill found that there were limited consultants with hands-on experience and executive management knowledge available for small and medium-sized businesses; especially in the trade sectors. With this in mind, he opened WJM Operations & Strategy to help businesses either on a project-by-project basis or as a part-time member of the management team. Bill provides business owners with hands-on support to build strategies, develop operational efficiencies, implement software and guide change within the organization. All of WJM’s clients have contracted our services for multiple projects within their organization.

Bill’s background in both operational and management roles in the service and trades sectors helps him see solutions and opportunities for improvement in both the technical and corporate sides of a business. Unlike other consulting firms, Bill offers dedicated attention for clients, ensuring that businesses get the same expertise throughout the process of research, strategy development, implementation and organization. 

Creating time to address the inefficiencies within your business can lead to organizational change that makes a positive and lasting impact on your business and the lives of your customers and employees. Connect with Bill and WJM on Linkedin to learn more about WJM Operations & Strategy and how it can impact your small business. You can also book a call with Bill.